Farewell Justine

We are very sad to announce that our dear Justine has decided to leave TVSN after 10+ wonderful years. Justine would like to spend more time with her family and explore new opportunities that are hopefully closer to home. In true Justine style she has opted not to have a farewell on air as she said it would have been way to emotional for her, however she has asked that we share the following words with you all:

“I have been so blessed to have spent over a decade in a job I adore. TVSN has accepted me warts and all from day one. I have met my best friends there and have loved every moment. I want to thank everyone at TVSN for changing my life. Most of all though, I want to thank the viewers who have understood me, the shoppers who have trusted me and the audience I don’t know personally but love so very dearly.

Justine we will miss you deeply. We thank you for the wonderful energy and personality you injected into TVSN. From the moment you won the “Shopping for a Star” competition we knew you truly were a star and we were lucky to have found you. We wish you the greatest success and happiness.

13 thoughts on “Farewell Justine

  1. Dear Justine, you will be so terribly missed by myself and I know also by thousands of others who have come to fall in love with the person you are. So GENUINELY beautiful, sincere, and oh so very funny. Your absolute professionalism, at TVSN in your presenting bringing to us the viewer enjoyment every day you have been on our screens.
    I cannot tell you how sad i feel we will be losing you. But I do want to wish you every happiness and blessings in whatever you do next.
    Sending you so much love to you and your family and you will be missed. Love always,
    Cass (Cassandra Bennett) xxoo

  2. TVSN has lost their best ever presenter. I will especially miss her sense of humour and her working with Dimitri which was absolutely some of my TVSN shows

  3. Good luck Justine. I will miss your face. I have always enjoyed and trusted your presentations. No doubt you are off to bigger and better things. All the very best in all the world.

  4. Farewell Juzzy,
    I have loved your time on TVSN. You will be sorely missed by me as you represented us out here the real women your children your fur greyhound baby. I’m sure many took your lead an adopted a non track winner I personally know someone who did,your shows were always so fun now with you,Geoffrey, Emma are gone TVSN will not be the same but still love Moira,Helen Nicky and Pete. Be good to yourself you deserve it. Good luck in whatever your next venture might be Goodbye Juzzy xxxx

  5. Justine, I am so sorry to see you leave TVSN. You have been one favourite presenter. With such grace and style and best of all such humour. However, new and wonderful things ahead for you I wish you all that you would wish for yourself on this new adventure. I will miss you! Shannon Rosenberg

  6. I am really sad to read about Juzzy’s departure . The last time I saw her was with Dimitri and Skinn . Honestly that is the best 3 hours on TV , anywhere . Apart from the products they have to sell , they are just so hilarious and brilliant together . Watching them together you forget they have a job to do and you just enjoy their banter . I am sure Justine said something about her decision to Dimmy , he will be devastated . I am sure this was a hard decision for Juzzy , but sometimes family must come first . She will be missed by all the TVSN viewers , for her honesty , her professionalism , her endless stories about her animals and her ethnic parents , her laughter , her beauty and I could go on & on . Whatever she does in the future she will go about it in her own unique way , with gusto . We love and miss you Justine . Look after yourself and keep on smiling .
    Chocolate Hugs and Champagne Kisses
    Michelle XxXx 💞🥂🙏🏻😘💝

  7. Jazzy, so so sad to hear you are leaving TVSN. The last show I saw you do was with Dimi and I had the best 3hrs of fun, laughter and joy. I didn’t buy much, wasn’t going to, I just knew I would be thoroughly entertained.
    You are a true professional, always know your products, and have a wonderful smile and sense of humour. Never afraid to bare your soul, and always letting us into your personal life. Farewell Polish/Italisn/True blue Aussie girl, I wish you only the best. We’ll miss your integrity, sincerity and your truly beautiful face.. Who will cheer me up on blue days.??
    Never never forget you have. made an amazing difference to many viewers.
    Lots of love Juzzy, big hugs to you, your very lucky family and of course Spencer! ONE IN A MILLION Girl.

    Lesley (TVSN won’t be the same} ☓OXOX

  8. Hi Justine
    I am happy for you but sad for us.
    You are a joy to watch on TV I am a big fan of TVSN and that is primarily due to you.
    I loved your interaction with all of the product presenters particularly with Dimitri who I am sure will miss you terribly no other presenter handles him the way that you do.

    Good luck and I hope you find your way back to the TV screen someday.

  9. Oh, can”t believe we will not see Justine anymore, on TVSN.. Last time I was this upset was when 9 took away Day of Our lives… Show not be the same without Justine. What will Dimitri do? Does he even know???These two together were great chemistry, so many laughs. Just watching her on TVSN put you in good spirit. Wish her all the best for a bright future ahead.Thank you for your warm smile and the fun times you brought to us.

  10. Dear justine

    I shall miss you heaps. You are a joy to watch.

    God bless you darling.

    Love and warm regards teresa sasso from adelaide

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