Getting to know Alex Montoya

Q and A with Alex Montoya of Carolyn Pollack

TVSN: How would you describe the Carolyn Pollack Jewellery style?
Alex: Timeless designs in sterling silver featuring colorful genuine gemstones. Jewellery that evokes confidence and joy!

TVSN: What is your favourite part of selling on TVSN?
Alex: Connecting Carolyn and our talented craftspeople to collectors in Australia and New Zealand through beautifully handcrafted jewellery and experiences.

TVSN: We first aired Carolyn Pollack Jewellery in 2014. What have you learnt about the TVSN customer over the past 4 years?
Alex: They’re just lovely! Emails and reviews are a great way of getting to know collectors and how our jewellery makes them feel. They are kind, strong, know what they like and are loyal to the brands they love. I wish I could meet so many of them in person!

TVSN: What piece of jewellery do you think can add the biggest statement to an outfit?
Alex: Necklaces can often be focal points but any piece that attracts attention be it from the design, gemstone or unmistakable happiness of the wearer!

TVSN: Do you have a favourite spot to visit when you’re in Sydney?
Alex: October visits have coincided with Sculpture by the Sea at Bondi, –love this event. There’s still so many places I’d like to visit. My favourite place is a small BnB in Manly where I’ve stayed most trips. It’s like coming home.

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