Get To Know Lisa Hoffman

TVSN: What inspired you to launch a line of fragrances?

Lisa Hoffman: Perfume has always been a great passion of mine, with some of my earliest memories rooted in fragrance. As a young child, I was gifted a perfume making kit and my first experiment was attempting to recreate my beloved grandmother’s iconic perfume.

I really enjoy travelling and totally immersing myself in different cultures. I’ve had the good fortune to visit some amazing places and it was these adventures that inspired my collection of destination fragrances. My goal is to create a wearable scent that leaves a lasting impression just as the destinations did for me.


TVSN: As a qualified lawyer, mother, grandmother and award winning business woman – what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

Lisa Hoffman: What’s downtime? Kidding aside, when I have the opportunity for downtime what I love most is spending time with my family. I treasure my time with them… playing board games, cooking, travelling… just being together. For those much needed solitary times, I really enjoy swimming (which is more meditative than aerobic for me), knitting, and getting lost in a good book.


TVSN: What advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Lisa Hoffman: Have the confidence to believe in yourself… don’t let all those fears and rejections stop you. Know that everything will turn out okay… better than okay… better than you can even imagine.


TVSN: You have travelled the world to exotic places and beyond – what are your three must have travel items? 

Lisa Hoffman:

  1. Fragrance jewellery, of course! When I fly I always fill a fragrance charm with Japanese Agarwood fragrance beads because it keeps me calm in turbulence.
  2. A great moisturiser for my face.
  3. A good book.


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