Q and A with Charles Winston

We are celebrating Charles Winston’s 5th Anniversary and hope you enjoy learning a bit more about Charles Winston and his range.

Q. A passion for jewellery runs in your family, – Did you ever consider any other career?

A. My hobby was always fast American muscle cars. I had been racing cars as a hobby that could have taken me in another direction. However, the love of gems and jewellery prevailed.

Q. What piece are you most looking forward to sharing with us?

A. I’m really excited about two rings that will be available, – one is an alternating white and simulated sapphire, and the other is alternating white and lab-created ruby!

Q. Where do you find your design inspiration?

A. My inspiration comes from a myriad of places:

• The “Old Hollywood” pieces my family is known for.
• Jewellery worn by the royals.
• Nature – I am a lover of the sea and live on the beach.

Q. How will you be spending your free time on this visit?

A. This is my longest visit and also the first time my wife is accompanying me. We’ll be spending our time in Sydney city and exploring the nearby Northern Beaches, as well as heading north to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island!

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