Kellie Olver Q&A

Well would you just look at her!!!

Kellie Olver’s beauty regime is skincare magic, if her eternally ageless visage is anything to go by. We asked her for some top tips from her beauty routine and she definitely delivered! Read about her tips to get-glowing, look timeless, and feel beautiful this beauty month!

How do you achieve that amazing skin glow?

To all GlowGetters!  Your skin is the largest organ in your body (about 2 square meters).  It protects us from bacteria, germs and drowning.  Skin alerts us when trouble is near and lets us feel pleasure.  Skin regulates our body temperature and holds vitamin D.   Yet our skin is usually last on the list to take care of.  And when we don’t (take care of it), it won’t take care of us and lets us know by appearing as dull, angry, erupting and even yellow skin.  

When we take care of our skin, it lets us know….and rewards you with the GLOW!  

How to get glowing skin?  Feed your skin both inside and out! 

From the inside, feed your body with skin loving foods including avocado, berries, walnuts, salmon and a grass fed hormone free collagen supplement.  

From the outside, treat your skin with skin care containing packed full of skincare ingredients including glycolic acid, vitamins A, C and E, glycerine and lots of skin loving essential oils. 

GloGetting has never be easier!

How do you fuel up in the morning to kick start your day?  

Skin Food!

Start your day with collagen boosting foods for youthful glowing skin!  Boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries, avocado, walnuts, and a tablespoon of collagen protein on top!  Add a touch of coconut milk or moo milk for the finishing touch!  Plus don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Whipped Cream you say?  Why not!  Let’s Live!  

What’s your top tip for achieving that coveted youthful look?

Skin First Make Up Later!

Make up is used first as a band aid to hide wrinkles and skin imperfections, it just doesn’t work.  Everyone can see through the cover up.  Get your skin looking flawless first!  Then then add make up, if you want…

Which is why I created CrepeySkinFX with an extra-skin strengthening formulation!

Do an about face with time, as you indulge your skin with state of the art skin care ingredients and improve the tone, texture and brilliance of your skin.

My products are bursting with nature based and scientifically proven ingredients – nutrient-rich botanicals, pure essential oils, loads of anti-oxidants including Vitamins A, C and E, amino acids, collagen enhancers and more- for a brighter, firmer, more youthful looking you. 

Everything you need to defy time putting your skin first!

Any final tips for our customer’s?

Simple is beautiful!

Have fun …It’s Time!  It’s our Time!!

Grab your bathing suits and hit the pool!  Or some of Australia’s world class beaches!  Time is short! It’s time to enjoy your best summer yet! 

Need an extra boost of confidence this summer to grab that suit and live life to the fullest?  It’s easy.  Simplify,  Uncomplicate your life and everything that goes with it.  Even your skin care.  3 products that can do it all. For the Face, Body and Eye!  Buff away the crepies, strengthen the appearance of loose saggy skin and give your skin a lifted, firmer look!  IT’S TIME!!! Ladies, it’s OUR TIME! 

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