Mother’s Day at TVSN

First my mum, forever my friend

TVSN Mally and Mother

“I remember sitting in my Mom’s dressing room with her as a young girl, as she put on her makeup every morning. This is where she taught me, not only lessons about beauty and fashion but, more importantly, about treating people with love, respect, and kindness. She has been my hero for my entire life and I will forever cherish those beautiful memories.” – Mally Roncal

TVSN Mally

“My mother was the bravest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.  I am so grateful that she was my Mom.  Though she passed away a couple of years ago I continue to hear her kind, supportive and wise words and feel her in my heart every day.” – Lisa Hoffman

TVSN Genie

“Having fun with my Mom!  My best memories with my Mom always involve lots of laughing!” – Lisa Claycomb

TVSN Stacey Schieffen

“I can’t choose one magical moment with my incredible super hero, I call Mum – she has and continues to teach me so much…she has always said and done ‘Lead By LOVING Example!'” – Stacey Schieffelin

Mum made us all practice these 8 characters and would test us:

1) Always do your best, no matter what you do! 

2) Speak up – your opinion counts! 

3) If you start something, finish it! 

4) You have talent, so use it! 

5) Love and respect others, practice compassion daily! 

6) Life is too short to waste time trying to be right, admit your mistakes, move on!

7) Live every day to its fullest!

8) DREAM BIG…never give up!

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