Best Overnight Bags

What to Consider When Purchasing an Overnight Bag

When shopping for an overnight bag it can be difficult to get one which ticks all the boxes – practical, stylish, high quality and comfortable to carry. A travel bag is going to be with you on countless adventures so you should be looking for the following features when purchasing the perfect overnight bag…

Quality – an overnight bag needs to be designed to last the distance, quite literally as it will be travelling many distances with you, whether on foot, in the car or on the plane, bus or train. Travel can be gruelling for the best of us and our baggage is no exception. Squashed into small spaces, thrown around, rummaged through, left on hotel floors…there are many reasons why an overnight bag cops a hard life so quality is absolutely essential. Look for good structure, quality material such as genuine leather and a sturdy strap.

Style – this one is a no brainer, everyone likes their bag to be stylish, but it is important to keep YOUR style in mind as you add to cart. There is no need to radically change up your usual style when it comes to an overnight bag. Select one which aligns with your taste because you will be carrying this bag around much more than you think. Ensure you select one which goes with the items in your wardrobe, particularly things you will likely wear travelling such as your preferred shade of denim, your basics and/or your day-to-day go-to’s.

Cadelle Leather at TVSN
Leave home in style with the Baros Bag from Cadelle Leather

Details – hardware, zips and pockets can seem like purely aesthetic features but in fact often hold many benefits you might not realise on first inspection. A well designed bag will have hardware in the right places to ensure it stands up well, large zip compartments with a big enough zipper to easily grab hold of and clever access clasps which don’t require fussing about.

The Baros Bag from Cadelle Leather is the perfect option which ticks every essential box for an overnight bag – it is made from quality buttery soft leather, has loads of compartments broken up with sturdy gold hardware, zips and press studs for easy access. The Baros Bag features a wide shoulder strap, eyelet details and comes in a gorgeous rich green petrol colour which pairs well with timeless denim as well as the neutrals currently on trend. Look no further for your next travel purchase, the Baros does it all!

Written by Kimberly Sara, The Style Side

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