What Gavin Found at The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show!

G’ Day! Gavin from Gem Adventurer™ updating you on the Tucson Gem Show 2019. Apart from catching up with mates, given 19 years as a gem professional, I ostensibly know everyone, but I still manage to meet someone new… This year it was a Frenchman, Denis Gravier FGA, who has been trading gems for 30… Continue reading What Gavin Found at The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show!

Red Carpet Ready with Charlie Lapson

Hello from Los Angeles ! The Red Carpets have started in Hollywood, and kicked off with an explosion of fun fashion !! It’s been a whirlwind for me, getting lots of people ready for award shows, and keeping busy with clients going to the big celebration parties in LA, NY, Miami, Las Vegas and London.… Continue reading Red Carpet Ready with Charlie Lapson

Meet Carolyn Pollack

You may be familiar with the Carolyn Pollack Silver Jewellery range. Bringing pieces that boast character, personality and fine quality to TVSN. We wanted to let you know a bit more about whats behind the range with this Question and Answer! Enjoy! TVSN: How did you get into the business? Carolyn Pollack: I have always been a… Continue reading Meet Carolyn Pollack

Looks We’re Falling For

We are falling for Autumn fashion here at TVSN, and we think you will be too! Wondering what to put on your shopping list this fall? We are showcasing some of the best in Autumn Fashion trends this February on air and online. Make sure you tune in on March 18 and 19 at 8:30am… Continue reading Looks We’re Falling For

Introducing the TVSN Blogger, Sophie!

In January we held a competition on the TVSN Facebook to find the TVSN Blogger. The winner, TVSN Blogger Sophie wrote about What Soothes Her Soul (you can read it here) and gave us some fantastic tips for Beauty Month with Sleeping Beauty Sophie (you can read it here) We wanted to let you all know a… Continue reading Introducing the TVSN Blogger, Sophie!

The Tucson Gem Show with Gem Adventurer

  TVSN brings you the newest, rarest and most exotic gems available from the Tucson Gem Show, straight from the fair! Taking place annually in late January and February at multiple locations across the city, Tucson becomes a playground for the world of international gem and mineral trading, collecting, and bargain hunting when the Tucson… Continue reading The Tucson Gem Show with Gem Adventurer

Gems Around The World

Join the Gem Adventurer™ team today as we Discover the Unknown for Gems around the World Day. Learn the secrets of our world’s most unique treasures and become a seasoned traveler in your own home. First off at 9:30am with Gavin Linsell is the global launch of Roshoite, pure vivid purple gemstones from Chimoio in Mozambique’s Manica Province.… Continue reading Gems Around The World