Dear Wheyless… Love Nikki V

Dear Wheyless! Thank you for giving me back my appetite for life! So…I embarked on my current journey 3 weeks before xmas. At first I thought I must be completely bonkers! (or more bonkers than usual!). However, this proved to be an amazing time to get a grip. I felt completely in control over the… Continue reading Dear Wheyless… Love Nikki V

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Joins TVSN

We are so excited to be launching the Lisa Hoffman Beauty range at TVSN this Beauty Day! Lisa Hoffman is an award-winning perfumer and avid world traveller. What started as a love affair with fragrance, developed into a lifelong passion and business in perfume. Her love for fragrance began as a child, with some of… Continue reading Lisa Hoffman Beauty Joins TVSN

TVSN Beauty Awards – The Winners!

We had so much fun in June bringing you the very best in Beauty in our first ever TVSN Beauty Awards! We gave you the power, and you voted for your favourite beauty products, the ones you can’t live without! We’ve tallied the votes, and we are thrilled to bring you the winners of the… Continue reading TVSN Beauty Awards – The Winners!

Be Enlightened Perfume!

Introducing the NEW Perfumes from Be Enlightened! We know you’re already in love with Be Enlightened candles and so many of you have requested this – so we’re thrilled to be launching the NEW Be Enlightened Perfume TODAY! The limited edition oil-based perfume will envelope you with intoxicating fragrance and the triple scented finely blended… Continue reading Be Enlightened Perfume!

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