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57 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I received my delivery today order no 91173751 which was only part of my order the diamonesque classic hoop earrings were not in the parcel, could you please let me know if they are coming in a separate parcel or were not added by mistake.

  2. Hello i purchased a pair of nydj marilyn classic white straight jeans.But when i recived them they were the size 0 instead of 14 which i ordered so i have return them.i still require size 14 .regards patricia webber

  3. Hi suzie &very one tvsn,hope u all have a lovely Easter –I love all the fashions at the moment and I have to say I love bec’s new hair cut she looks 15yrs younger.

  4. Hello, I recently received my Flora Maxi Greeens , but are still waiting on my 16 pack of Flora Probiotics. Does this come with a different courier service ? I have really enjoyed all my purchases so far.

    1. Hi Jill, this will be delivered with the same courier service. Some products are dispatched seperately. If you would like to follow this up with our customer care team on 13 23 10 they will be able to tell you where your order is. Hope you have a lovely week! Kind regards, Hailey

  5. Hi just wondering could we have other fashions names other than Cordelia. Cordelia is very ORDINARY. I think for very old people. YUK.lily

  6. Hi I have just purchase your whey less drinks and I was wondering if you have any information on a diet that should be followed so that you get the best results from this product.

  7. Why don’t you have a size 18 model as well as a size 10 model when you do the clothes shows not many of us are size 10 Then we can see how the clothes look

      1. Good point! It would save lots of postage for returns if we see clothes on normal size people.

  8. THis is the same template I have been receiving since trying to get answers on more detail on becoming a vendor.

    Thank you for your email an interest in TVSN.

    Please note TVSN channel is a live shopping channel with all our product sold live to air from our onsite studios. Our business model does not include selling airtime to play out videos or infomercials or advertising online only.

    To have your product evaluated for a possible TV airing, a representative from your organisation must first provide information on both your company and the product you wish to submit. After receiving your product information, a member of the Vendor Enquiries team will contact you in the near future, by phone or in writing, to inform you of the suitability of your product for TVSN.

    Kind regards,

    TVSN Vendor Enquiries

    1. Hi Gladys,
      As the email states, a member of the Vendor Enquiries team will contact you in the near future, by phone or in writing, to inform you of the suitability of your product for TVSN.
      Kind regards,

  9. With the Phillips pasta machine, can you use the lasagna setting to make a biscuit and if so can you alter the thickness of the lasagna setting?

  10. Hi just wondering if.the s20 sheets make the washing smell good,
    Also if the spray will remove hair dye from tile grout?

  11. Please can you give me the link to the dress on the skinn presenter who is dressed in it now. Please email to my email address provided – Dimitri James. It’s a flower type dress. Thank you.

  12. hi,received whey less this afternoon,the box and contents were delivered extremely hot ,it says on the tubs keep in a cool dry place ,so i assume now that it is not in the best condition ,i was looking forward to receiving it now ,think its a lot of money for tainted goods ,i have tried to contact you today without success,i love some of your products think theyre great ,please help

  13. Do you know whether Eliabeth Grant will be bringing with her, her Lip Stain Colours set -.not the Lip Balms. I ordered this time last year her set of 4 Lip Stain Colours with 2 moisturisers. I couldn’t wear lipsticks before but I love these lip stains of hers. I checked her website but no lip stains appear. Is there anyway your office can request her to bring lip stains with her, pretty please

  14. I’m so sorry my account declining. I bought something off net and paid $400 instead of $40. Money won’t be refunded until next Thursday. I won’t let this happen again. I’m so very sorry. Regards toni Dejong

  15. i have the phillips viva air fryer the teflon on bottom has all come off a bit at a time has anyone else had this problem

  16. Hi, after contacting two different staff members, I am STILL waiting for a reply regarding the delivery of my order of 94073536 on the 16th March.

  17. Afternoon Watching the Clogau segment. Just wondering why the pieces are very limited on the rose gold application. Pity more of rose gold ? Being substituted? By sterling silver and yellow gold. Ashame.??. I wish tvsn could introduce more rose gold pieces ? Gold plated or sterling silver. Rose gold is not on much. Not gold plating it tarnishes. Maybe the buyers may introduce 9ct rose gold. Not plated!. Thank you with this.

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