Gems Around The World

Join the Gem Adventurer™ team today as we Discover the Unknown for Gems around the World Day. Learn the secrets of our world’s most unique treasures and become a seasoned traveler in your own home. First off at 9:30am with Gavin Linsell is the global launch of Roshoite, pure vivid purple gemstones from Chimoio in Mozambique’s Manica Province.… Continue reading Gems Around The World

Gem Week – Be Transported

We’re excited to transport you around the world this week as we discover exotic treasures from far away places! Join us each evening at 5:30pm AEST, when we will be showcasing our rarest and most beautiful finds. For a sneak peak, take a look below and start dressing your necks, fingers, ears and outfits with astounding… Continue reading Gem Week – Be Transported

Gem Hunter Introduces Midnight Tourmaline

Brazilian Gem Hunter™ and lapidary Tenner Diniz brings us another gorgeous Brazilian gem, Midnight Tourmaline. Tourmaline frequently garners the nickname, ‘the chameleon gem’, not only because of its multitude of colors, but also because of its historic propensity to be confused with other gemstones. Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese ‘turmali’, which means ‘mixed parcel’… Continue reading Gem Hunter Introduces Midnight Tourmaline

New Gems In Store for African Gem Safari!

Tomorrow is African Gem Safari at TVSN, and we’ve got some brand new gems to showcase! We enlisted our Gem experts to give us the low down on our new treasures. African Spessartite   Get ready to discover the rare beauty of African Spessartite, brilliant orange gemstones from Namibia and Nigeria. While Spessartite has been around… Continue reading New Gems In Store for African Gem Safari!