What’s Cooking in our Presenters’ Kitchens?

Today is Kitchen Day at TVSN!¬†Join us today¬†for the latest and greatest of high-tech appliances, top-shelf brands and time-saving gadgets – not to mention some very tasty deals and offers! We asked some of our multi-talented presenters to share their favourite things to cook at the moment in their kitchens! Apart from green smoothies and… Continue reading What’s Cooking in our Presenters’ Kitchens?

Kitchenaid’s Glorious Fruit Crumble

What’s better on a cold Winter’s night than a delicious, hot crumble? We love a traditional apple crumble, but this mixed-fruit version from Kitchenaid sounds too good to pass up! What’s your go-to crumble recipe? Tell us in the comments below! Glorious Fruit Crumble Vary with different firm fruits such as apples, pears, rhubarb, strawberries… Continue reading Kitchenaid’s Glorious Fruit Crumble