Live From LA Style

Our buying team have pulled the perfect LA travel wardrobe for Carla to take on her big adventure! It can be hard to condense your wardrobe into a small bag of stylish essentials that will take you from sightseeing to shopping to cocktails. Remember, you want to save room in your luggage for shopping! Here… Continue reading Live From LA Style

Healthy Mexican

We hope you have enjoyed our Feb Fitness posts from Nicola! February may be about over, but we hope you’ll stay motivated throughout the year to be the healthiest and happiest you can be! Here’s another recipe from Nicola that we can’t wait to try! I love spending time in the kitchen figuring out how… Continue reading Healthy Mexican

A message from Emma Grant

Thank you so much for all your messages of love and support on the TVSN Facebook page. It means a lot to know you are cheering me on as I go through this. Now, I’m not calling it Cancer with a capital C. It’s thyroid cancer. I don’t think it deserves that level of fear… Continue reading A message from Emma Grant

Why I Love Pilates

I’m so excited to launch our new Pilates Body Toner tonight at 6.30pm, it’s the most affordable and best system I have ever sold so ahead of the show I wanted to share why Pilates was such a game changer for me. It’s not just me though just google the top athletes, models and actresses… Continue reading Why I Love Pilates

Get Fit This February!

We’re so excited to announce that we are dedicating the month of February to health and fitness! And who better than our lovely Nicola George to get us going and keep us motivated throughout the month with her story, tips, recipes and more! This is a topic close to Nicola’s heart, and you can read… Continue reading Get Fit This February!

Wishing all of you Beautiful Mums a fabulous Mothers Day

  OK its only days away now… I for one am getting ridiculously excited. I’m talking about one of the GREATEST days of the year for us mums. The day we’re meant to be celebrated, revered and bestowed with large quantities of glorious gifts! After speaking to a few mums it really got me thinking…… Continue reading Wishing all of you Beautiful Mums a fabulous Mothers Day